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With the restrictions on Covid 19 now allowing some services to return I am happily announcing I can  provide personal chirology sessions.  So what does this look like with regards to social distancing and observation of health and wellness recommendations by our provincial advisors? 

Well sadly holding your hands is not possible at this time while maintaining a 2 metre distance.  It is however still possible to provide a great palmistry reading by first taking photos of your hands for examination of those minute details then asking you to hold your hands up for interpretation of things which I can easily observe from the required safe distance.  Remember a reading is so much more than the lines of your palms!

How can you get your personal reading?  I am currently at Kelowna in the Orchard Park Mall at The Artful Hand Shop on FRIDAYS from 11:30 to 5:30 (last reading) weekly.  (Not Available August 21st) Bookings are preferred and can be arranged by contacting the shop directly however Drop-in's are certainly welcome!  If you are in the Mall stop by and visit because I love to talk about hand interpretation with anyone who may simply be curious about this Art or may be contemplating a reading and needs a bit more information on how a palmistry session can benefit them.

I am also returning to West Kelowna at The Paper Birch, a wonderful shop filled with interesting things to tempt the spiritual seeker plus a full range of presenters to assist you on your path of self-discovery.  I am booking sessions for Saturday, August 29th  from 12:00 to 5PM (last reading 4:30)  Please contact Janet for more information and to secure your session as this event is always popular.

While most people receive strong insights from a 30 minute reading a 1 hour booked reading is also possible.  I encourage your session to be recorded on a personal device.


Orchard Park Mall, Kelowna 


Palmistry at the

Artful Hand is now available! 


West Kelowna ,#4-1515 Westgate Road              250-300-4125

Exciting metaphysical bookstore and healing centre!

Hwy 97 mall near Husky Station lights



Laurel is a Palmistry Reader who appears regularly at Community Events, local Summer Markets, and teaches workshops on Palmistry in the south Okanagan.

Laurel has also interpreted hands at - First Nations Events, Dragon Boat Festival, Red Rooster Winery Fall Event, local Art events, Metaphysical Fairs and several private functions locally and in Vancouver.


She has worked with Fox Dreamer Energy Centre,  Matheson and Grove Fine Art Gallery, Whitelioness Metaphysical Shop, and presented at the Wise Women’s Festival in Johnson’s Landing. 




Currently I am no longer a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association due to pausing my practice for Covid 19.  It is my preference to have hypnosis sessions in person as opposed to online.  THANK YOU to all my clients for adapting to the covid world.

Laurel Glenn, BA, CHt, is a Clinical Hypnotherapist

She is a retired nurse who practiced for over 35 years.    Her goal is to assist clients to recognize the healing power of their mind and provide them with the skill to reach inner harmony and peak performance.


Private Sessions for Clinical Hypnotherapy by appointment.   Contact: 250-328-4613 

Paintings water color or oil by commission from your favorite photo

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