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Laurel Glenn is a Clinical Hypnotherapist.  

She has recently retired from her 35 year career as a nurse during which time she taught clinical nursing for UBCO, travel nursed to several US states, volunteered for a surgical mission to Nicaragua and nursed in Australia.  

She now brings this vast experience to her hypnotherapy practice. It is her goal to assist clients to recognize the healing power of their mind and provide them with the ability and clarity to reach inner peace through achieving their peak performance.

Hypnotherapy is available by private sessions.  Also offered is a 2 hour informational talk with group hypnosis to learn about hypnosis, the mind, self-hypnosis and how this will help you find inner harmony.


Foremost we are all unified and connected as divine beings yet we are each as individual as our fingerprints.  Not a single person has the same print pattern, not even identical twins.  Similarly, each one of us seeks an existence that is harmonious and peaceful yet no two of us experience life from exactly the same perspective.  

For example, while wellness and illness are uniquely perceived according to our beliefs, knowledge and growth, everyone holds the intuitive ability to heal themselves in the subconscious mind.  The key is to go inward, find the issues, and seek solutions to self-sabotaging patterns which are all too often emotionally based.

Understanding the mind and body connection is essential for well-being.  While the subconscious mind holds all feelings, memories, fears and beliefs, the basic cellular level of the body stores emotional information.  Therefore, negative and self-defeating thoughts result in dis-ease causing actual physical symptoms to manifest in the body.  

If you are frequently saying, ‘it makes you sick to your stomach’ or ‘what a pain in the neck’ are you aware your body is listening?  If no it may surprise you when you develop all sorts of digestive disorders or frequent headaches and upper body pain, to what was initially a verbal response to a psychological reaction. 

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Clinical Hypnotherapy: 

1 to 1.5 hours $85

Past life regression: 1 hour




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 Body Image



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Self Esteem


Self-awareness is self-empowerment!              
The initial step to creating positive change in your life is becoming aware of the reality you are continually creating.  The next step is defining success and implementing a plan of action to get there.  Change is the natural order of the world, it is not being stuck and feeling unfulfilled. Hypnotherapy assists the release of old patterns and programs that no longer serve or support you which in fact  block forward momentum.

The Transformational Nature of Hypnotherapy. 
The power for change is within you!  

So often we set our minds on a goal but quickly decide it was too much trouble or too hard to achieve. In our frustration we give up and slide backwards resuming our familiar self-defeating behaviors. 
In order to have meaningful transformation the subconscious mind has to be supportive of your conscious desires. It holds the true power performing hundreds of thousands of things simultaneously while the conscious mind performs one, though you may pride yourself for being an exceptional multi-tasker.

The subconscious mind holds the key to negative patterns of behavior such as addictions, fears, phobias and issues like weight management, chronic pain and sleep disorders to name a few.  Negative thoughts create chains which bind us to stress and worry.  They keep us weighted down and blocked. Frozen in time.  Making us unhappy and sick.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!  There are so many applications for clinical hypnotherapy.  Ask yourself is something holding you back from achieving your goals or reaching your peak performance?  Most of us will answer ‘yes’.


You may already be aware of what this is or perhaps you’ve been working on figuring it out, be assured your subconscious has the answers and holds the power for transformation. Not only is the subconscious aware of ‘why’ but it knows ‘how’ to fix it. 

A clinical hypnotherapist has the training and skill to connect you directly with the power of your subconscious mind.  During a hypnosis session the goal is to locate the emotional attachment to old programs which no longer work, release them through reframing and offer relearning through positive suggestions.  


Successful change always comes from within. Why? Think of an iceberg.  95 % of your mind is subconscious, deep and mysterious.  While a meager   5 %  the conscious mind, is dedicated to will power, reason and logic. Working together during a session our goal is for your subconscious belief to ultimately support your conscious goal thus putting the power in ‘will power’. 


Establishing this strong connection makes for profound change, healing and achievement.  Full steam ahead! Life’s challenges are met with confidence and enthusiasm!



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My Office space

My office is cozy and peaceful, a safe place to relax.  I am currently working from my home which is conveniently located close to downtown Penticton.

Why Hypnosis? 

There are many paths to personal growth and healing so why choose hypnosis?


This ancient healing method creates personal transformation through self-awareness.  During a hypnotic state the subconscious mind reveals answers to your conscious mind bringing clarity of thinking.  All too often our subconscious mind (composed of emotions and feelings) creates a nightmare for our conscious mind to sort through which uses logic and reason.  It spends way too much time analyzing and processing out dated information which is tangled in our memories and colored by our emotional frame of mind, fears and insecurities.  This usually forms the basis for negative inner dialogue when something triggers us.

A clinical hypnotherapist provides the opportunity to discover self-healing.  By creating a period of mental calm through a hypnotic state your subconscious mind is relaxed thus free to work directly on the issues and problems you have been trying to solve. 


How?  Because essentially you are connecting life's dots to reveal the hidden picture.  "Oh so that's what this is truly about!" Things finally make sense!  As a result old thought programs are upgraded by the conscious mind with current knowledge and understanding.


Are you quite critical in your self-talk? Do you judge yourself harshly?  Negative self-talk can be silenced becoming positive and loving. 

By  stating your intention to create positive actions and release things like negative self-talk, habits, and behaviors that no longer support you, you have taken a powerful first step to creating a healthier more harmonious life.

However over time motivation can dwindle and staying on track for making new patterns can be discouraging.  But there is help because rather than sliding backwards into old established habits caused by familiar triggers, through hypnotherapy positive suggestions supporting your goals can become your norm.


How?  Permanent change comes from within. Your subconscious mind has many jobs including emotions, memories, habits and beliefs.  Your conscious mind makes up a mere 5% of brain tasks including will, logic, and analysis. Your thoughts will create your goals or defeat them!


All we need to begin transformation is you to commit time for yourself,  have a starting point, are open to new possibilities and trust in your true, natural healing process. 


Learn Self-Hypnosis:  The Power is Within You!

This event is designed for learning about the subconscious and how to re-frame your self-talk. By attending this self-hypnosis workshop you will learn about the mind, internal language we use that is self-defeating, misconceptions about hypnotic trances and how to create a self-hypnosis script to support positive change.

This course will be beneficial for anyone that is interested in how our minds work (conscious and subconscious), how clinical hypnotherapy helps in self-healing and how easily we can reprogram old thought patterns, those annoying tapes that no longer serve us and perhaps they belonged to someone else in the first place!

You will understand the basic principles of self-hypnosis and have the ability to write a supportive script to create positive change.  Using your recording device (phone or tape) create for use a self- hypnosis recording.  This workshop includes suggestibility testing, healing imagery light trance, and self-hypnosis experience.



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