Pet Portraits

A friend asked me what was I going to do with my spare time when I retired. I honestly had no idea how to answer that.  It seems one minute you are busy chasing a career and the next retirement has arrived.  Anyway, she was going to a painting class and asked if I would like to come along.  

"Painting? Not really interested but I suppose I would go," I thought.  Little did I know I would discover something amazing.  I love painting and have been doing it ever since!

Occasionally my friends have asked me to paint pet portraits for them and recently one suggested I post on Facebook some of my work and ask if anyone else would appreciate a painting of their fur baby.  With their kind permission I have posted some of my work in watercolors.

Painted from your favorite photo: 9 x 12 $200 or 12 x 16 $250 unframed.  Completed in 1 to 2 weeks.  Professional Framing available at additional cost,  shipping at additional cost.

watercolor rabbits painted each individual $50

I have also been painting oils.  I have not done prints of these.  The originals are for sale.  Some have already been sold.

Athena: oil on canvas, $400 16x12"

Highlander, oil on canvas, $350 11x14"

Glamour, oil on canvas, $250  16x20"

Poetry in Motion, oil on canvas

Paint Yourself Free, oil on canvas $400 18x24"

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