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Fall: The Artful Hand Store, Kelowna Orchard Park Mall and The Paper Birch, Metaphysical store and healing centre, West Kelowna, &  Penticton, convenient location close to downtown-by appt

My love for hand interpretation began when I was 16 years old and I came across my first book on Palmistry.  Reading it quickly, I began to ask my classmates if I could see their hands.  After telling them the significance of the lines, I noticed it wasn't long before many of them would stuff their hands into their pockets or cross their arms to hide them whenever they saw me approaching.  Others found me quite the novelty wondering how I knew things about them by simply scanning their palms.


In those days I was shy and introverted but it soon became easy to meet new people using hand analysis.  Over the years I have discovered that most people want to know what information their hands hold.  They eagerly present them requesting a reading when they discover I have this skill.


I have not met many traditional hand readers.  The Palmistry readers I have come across all seem to have a unique style to their readings.  Many use a combination of things like psychic information - telling of future events, others include numerology from playing cards, or perhaps Tarot or angel cards.  I prefer to interpret more traditionally using a reading technique based on 5000 years of study.


Looking at both hands my focus is on your current actions, karmic past and future possibilities.  This is based on what your hands reveal about your  character, behavior, skills and temperament.  

Hands hold your story.  Curious?

past Events

Wise Women Festivals, Johnson's Landing; Dragon Boat Festival, Penticton; Penticton Art Walk, Matheson and Grove Fine Art Gallery plus private gallery events; Oliver Metaphysical Fair, Community Center; Oliver Maker Place;

First Nations Wellness Events & Conferences including Penticton, Kelowna, Kamloops, Simpcw-Barriere, Upper Similkameen FN Hedley, Osoyoos, & Sun Peaks; Holistic Market, Laurel Packing House, Kelowna; Akashic Ranch  Stokefest, Kamloops, GMX Vancouver Convention 2020.


Workshops in Palmistry and hypnosis at Fox Dreamer Energy Centre, Penticton, Maker Place events, Oliver.

The Paper Birch, W. Kelowna & The Artful Hand Shop, Kelowna- Orchard Park.

Regular @ Penticton Summer Markets, Front Street.


1) One Hour Reading both hands $80  

2) 30 minute reading $40

3) Private events, daily or per reading

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1) Cash

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A Moment with Palmistry: 

Why do hands fascinate us?


During prehistoric time our early ancestors were concerned with the basics of life for survival. Their brains were programmed on a simplistic pattern, 'fight or flight'. I fight that predator and hopefully eat it or that thing is way too big and scary so I will lie down, play dead and hope for the best.  For the most part our hands allowed us to have a greater edge in our world with our thumb providing dexterity for skilled creativity as we adapted to our environment. However, as time passed and societal life developed interest in the uniqueness of our hands began to occur as evidenced by the cave sites or rock overhangs still covered in hundreds of hand prints.  

We know palmistry has been written about and studied for over 5000 years and that ancient China recognized the uniqueness of one's print using the Emperor's thumb not signature to authenticate documents. 


In Babylon prints were collected from crime scenes to help identify 'who dun it'.  Julius Caesar, it is said, would not give you the time of day if he did not like the honesty of your hand. 


The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, used hands to assist in diagnosing disease.  And despite it was seriously frowned upon by the Church, European royal courts were fascinated by Palmistry and mystics in the 1700's when it made a resurgence.

Today palmistry is both an art and a science. Take finger printing for example. By the early 1900's Scotland Yard adopted this common scientific practice and in the 1980's an efficient method of using this evidence was developed.  Scientifically, we know finger prints are ours from pre-birth to death. They don't change regardless of how much we do.  They can be used to identify someone newly deceased.  


In Palmistry finger prints remind you of the  karmic reason for your incarnation.  They are a note from your soul to you. 


Hands tell us the nature of your character, qualities and temperament. Long fingers, love minute detail while short fingers do not. A long middle section of the palm means good business sense and a practical nature.  A long top segment of the fingers means you are very intellectual with a good understanding of abstract concepts.  There is so much information about you.  Why?

Our subconscious mind sends and receives waves of energy patterns to and from the environment. This information is processed and recorded as all those etchings on your palm.  Major palm lines are described as rivers of energy with 4 in particular being easily noticed.  These include your heart, (feeling), your head, (thinking), the life line, (stamina and vitality) and the line of Saturn which reflects major influences and decisions on the direction of your path.


Hands hold knowledge! The story of you. Curious?

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